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Beyond the Brink


Beyond the Brink was a personal investigation into the climate change debate as it raged between 2009 and 2010. It captures the watershed moment when the issue received more attention from politicians, the media and the rest of us than ever before, but still no breakthroughs were made to shift global reliance on fossil fuels. Since then, attention has waned while the urgency of the challenge has only increased.

Please scroll down to watch the full 40-minute film, charting the knowns and the unknowns of the science, the risks, and the reasons to be hopeful for the future. Interviews with Sir David Attenborough, Mark Lynas, David Shukman, Prof Dieter Helm, the UK Youth Climate Coalition, and Ross's grandparents among others, offer novel perspectives on an issue that - despite slipping from the media spotlight - divides the public, and yet is still meaningless to many. 

Crowdfunding enabled 500 carbon neutral DVDs to be sent to schools across the UK and beyond and to date the film has been watched over 4000 times online, helped by a Screen It Yourself social media campaign in 2011.

The Consensus Project - A useful starting point for more information about climate change. - A global movement working to tackle the fossil fuel industry and catalyse transformation to a better energy system.

Transition Network - An international network of local groups working to effect change at the community level.

* If you would like to receive a DVD to screen at your school or community group, please get in touch.

Beyond the Brink